Introducing mechanism design to product design students

DS 76: Proceedings of E&PDE 2013, the 15th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education, Dublin, Ireland, 05-06.09.2013

Year: 2013
Editor: John Lawlor, Ger Reilly, Robert Simpson, Michael Ring, Ahmed Kovacevic, Mark McGrath, William Ion, David Tormey, Erik Bohemia, Chris McMahon, Brian Parkinson
Author: Brennan, John Anthony; Ring, Michael; O'Hehir, Michael
Series: E&PDE
Institution: Dublin Institute of Technology,Ireland
Section: Design Methodology
Page(s): 002-007
ISBN: 978-1-904670-42-1


This paper presents a framework for incorporating the design of mechanisms into a product design program. At the Dublin Institute of Technology, School of Mechanical Engineering and Design, the theme “Mechanism Design” is taught in the Design and Manufacturing Methods module in year 3 of the program. The paper describes a model of how students can be introduced to this area. Consequently they learn to appreciate the difficulties involved initially in designing mechanisms and finally how to incorporate their designs into what can be an already complicated product. Examples of students work are shown to demonstrate the learning experience gained by the students. The discussion section of the paper reflects on the need for mechanism design curricula in general and on the challenges and improvements for the product design program at DIT in particular.

Keywords: Mechanisms, design, domestic appliances


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