Design Society Committees

In 2018, the Design Society strengthened its organisation by the establishment of a number of Standing (permanent) and Ad Hoc (temporary) Committees. These Committees comprise mainly current and past members of the AB, but also some members, who may not have a current formal role in the BM/AB structure.

The Committees address the following general needs of the Society:

  • Engage AB and (as needed) other Society members in ongoing Society activities in a more continuous, systematic way.
  • Support the workload of the BM and its decision-making in a more direct way.
  • Advise and support individual BM members that have responsible roles for specific Society tasks.
  • Study specific issues as they arise and provide action advice to the BM.

Each BM member serves as BM liaison to one or more of these committees. Each AB member serves on at least one of these committees.


Communications Committee
Advise on internal and external Society communications, including website, newsletter, social media, and general marketing and publicity.
Members: Kilian Gericke (chair), Kristin Paetzold, Monica Bordegoni
BM Liaison: Claudia Eckert, Tim McAloone


Events Committee
Coordinate practices etc. across DS owned, co-owned and endorsed events, across SIGs etc.; establish and communicate best practices. 
Members: Yukari Nagai, Mario Štorga (chair), Sandro Wartzack
BM Liaison: Gaetano Cascini


Government Relations Committee
Facilitate and influence decision making by government bodies on matters of importance to the Society, e.g., funding priorities and projects.
Members: Jean-François Boujut, Marco Cantamessa (chair), John Clarkson
BM Liaison: Tim McAloone, Georges Fadel


Honors and Awards Committee
Manage awards for Fellows and Honorary Fellows; define possible other awards and associated processes.
Members: Alex Duffy (chair), John Gero, Dorian Marjanović, Chris McMahon
BM Liaison: Panos Papalambros


Industry Relations Committee
Identify strategic needs and priorities for competence, knowledge, and research in industrially relevant areas, including new opportunities for industries (new business) and/or new constraints, regulations etc. that need to be met during design as they might result from societal challenges. Communicate these to the members, support relations and collaborate with Government Relations Committee.
Members: Albert Albers (chair), Ola Isaksson, Dieter Krause, Kevin Otto, Bernard Yannou
BM Liaison: Georges Fadel


Membership Committee
Work on policies for new, continuing, and institutional members, including members from non-academic communities.
Members: Yvonne Eriksson, Harrison Kim, Udo Lindemann, Anja Maier (chair)
BM Liaison: Claudia Eckert


Publications Committee 
Strengthen visibility, rigor, and value of Society publications. Undertake specific initiatives as needed.
Members: Steven Eppinger, William Ion (chair), Yoram Reich, Yasushi Umeda
BM Liaison: Gaetano Cascini


Young Members Committee
Maintain engagement of young members, including continuing membership and special events. Identify specific values that the Society can offer such as career development.
Members: Julie Stal-Le Cardinal, Peter Törlind, Maria Yang (chair)
BM Liaison: Claudia Eckert




Instructional Design Modules Committee
Explore the creation of a modular design knowledge repository that will support both experienced and new instructors in developing design courses.  
Members: Lucienne Blessing (chair), Kevin Otto, Maria Yang
BM Liaison: Panos Papalambros


Who we are Committee
Fostering a discussion around unique strengths of the DS and its distinct expertise
Members: Killian Gericke (Chair), Yoram Reich, Michael Kokkolaras, Ola Isaksson
BM Liaison: Claudia Eckert


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee
to propose practices that the DS can adapt to support diversity, equity, and inclusion for all its members.
Members: Maria Yang, Eswaran Subrahmanian, Mario Storga, Marija Jankovic
BM Liaison: Claudia Eckert


20th Anniversary Committee
Preparations for the celebration of the Design Society 20th Aniversary. 
Members: Serena Graziosi, Dorian Marjanović (Chair), Chris McMahon, Philip Cash, Margareta Norell Bergendahl, Camille Jean, Maria Yang, Christian Weber, Udo Lindemann, Massimo Panarotto. 
BM Liaison: Panos Papalambros



Committee reports are the result of the work of the committees. This may not reflect the values of the BM or newly implemented policies. 


Body of Knowledge AD-HOC Committee
The result of the work of this committee is at this link
Members: Petra Badke-Schaub, Lucienne Blessing (chair), Yong Se Kim, Carolyn Conner Seepersad.
BM Liaison: Georges Fadel


Code of Conduct AD-HOC Committee
The result of the work of this committee is at this link
Members: Petra Badke-Schaub (co-chair), Chris McMahon (co-chair), Harrison Kim, Yukari Nagai.
BM Liaison: Panos Papalambros


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