Maintenance Awareness in Gear-Box Design

Year: 2002
Editor: Marjanovic D.
Author: Ulaga, S.; Tašner, B.; Belšak, A.; Flašker, J.
Section: Technical systems
Page(s): 1117-1122


Consideration of maintainability and reliability in the gearbox design process is explained and some examples are presented. Gearboxes are divided into three categories: maintenance-free, minor allowed maintenance, maintainable gearboxes. Categorisation is grounded on the price and lifecycle price of the gearbox, maintainability of the system where the particular gearbox is employed and the downtime price-per-unit for the process where the gearbox is applied. Some specialities in the gearbox design oriented to improve reliability and maintainability are explained. Consideration of features like modularisation, standardisation, … in the gearbox design phase is discussed.

Keywords: Gearbox design, maintainability, cost reduction


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