A Design Process for Complex Mechanical Structures Using Property Based Models, with Application to Car Bodies

Year: 2002
Editor: Marjanovic D.
Author: Bylund, N.; Fredericson, H.; Thompson, G.
Section: Industrial solutions
Page(s): 611-620


The design of complex mechanical structures is multi-objective and includes the treatements of a wide range of requirements such as quantitative, qualitative, subjective and objective. An example of this type of structure is a car body, where design has a long tradition from wich valuable experience can be drawn however fixation to old practises has to be avoided. The design process described in the paper aims to reduce lead time while not excluding innovative solutions. By representing all concepts on a common base as a property based model and use optimisation, an objective analysis can be done early thereby only viable concepts will emerge to further selection. The data gained at early phases is used as input to detail design reducing iterations.

Keywords: Design method, concept selection, optimisation, structural design, mechanical structures, multi-objective


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