A generalized deterministic analysis of product development process using DSM

Year: 2012
Editor: Onishi, M.; Maurer, M.; Kirner, K.; Lindemann, U.
Author: Murthy, P. N. S. (1); Ramachandran, P. (2); Uppal, T. (1); Kumar, S. K. (1)
Series: DSM
Institution: 1: Gas Turbine Research Establishment, India; 2: Indian Institute of Science, India
Section: Project and Process Management
Page(s): Additional
ISBN: 978-3-446-43354-0


Product Development Process (PDP) architecture holds the key to the management of New Product Development. This paper presents an analytical method for performance evaluation of generalized product development process architecture. In this research work, Design Structure Matrices are used to represent the PDP architecture. Earlier works have considered deterministic analysis of concurrent and serial PDP architectures using work transformation matrix. However, a general PDP architecture was analyzed only using simulation techniques. In this paper we develop a technique by extending the work transformation matrix to analyze a general PDP architecture.

Keywords: Product Development, Design Structure Matrix, Work Transformation Matrix, Lead time estimation, Product development cost estimation Times.

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