Year: 2004
Editor: Lehtonen, Timo; Pulkkinen, Antti and Riitahuhta, Asko
Author: Kristjansson, Arnar H.; Hildre Hans-Petter
Page(s): 114 - 123


A platform strategy is the overall elaborate action plan a company has to managing its platforms. In general, the use of platforms - what we define as the reuse of a set of core assets to achieve a competitive advantage - has both positive and negative effects, affecting the internal efficiencies and effectiveness of a company as well as the characteristics of a product. In the paper, we find that the following factors should be considered whcn in the process of creating a platform strategy: the competitive advantage strategy of the company, the industrial situation, the market situation, and the internal core competencies of a company, Furthermore, we examine each of these areas and give examples of how they influence the platform strategy.

Keywords: Platform Strategy, Asset Management, Platform Development, Platform Assessment Tools


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