Co-Designing with children: Collecting and structuring methods

Year: 2012
Editor: Assoc. Prof. Poul Kyvsgaard Hansen, Professor John Rasmussen, Assoc. Prof. Kaj A. Jřrgensen, Assoc. Prof. Christian Tollestrup
Author: Emilie Saure Hagen, Silje Mathillas Rsvik, Marikken Hiseth and Casper Boks
Series: NordDESIGN
Institution: 1: Aalborg University, Denmark; 2: Design Society, United Kingdom
ISBN: 978-87-91831-51-5


Design research acknowledges the value of allowing users a direct say during product development. Hence, techniques for including users, including children are developing quickly, and children are increasingly taken seriously as a user group as well. Recognising that children are indeed the experts with regards to the products that they use, designers increasingly need to consult them. This paper is based on a literature review focusing on co-design techniques to include children in the design process. A model is presented in order to provide a holistic view of the different design approaches focusing on child user involvement. In addition, a methods matrix is presented which structures different methods that are associated with co-design in research. It presents the essence of each method and refers to relevant literature where further assessments can be found. As such, the matrix can inspire and support designers and researchers in the co-design process in general, and more specifically in such processes together with children.

Keywords: Co-Design, Participatory Design, Cooperative Inquiry, design methodology, Human Computer Interaction, Product Design, child end user


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