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An Approach for a Recycling Oriented Product Design

Hesselbach, J.; Herrmann, C.; Mateika, M. // 2002
This paper focuses on the integrated view of a closed loop economy and economical efficiency. Global trends in legislation based on an extended product responsibility require an environmental ...

An Approach to Verification and Evaluation of Early Conceptual Design Solutions

Derelöv, M. // 2002
In the eartly phases of the design process the evaluation and the following decision-making are based on limited amount of information, nevertheless the decision will determine the direction of the ...

An Ecodesign Method for Product Architecture Definition Based on Optimal Life-Cycle Strategies

Giudice, F.; La Rosa, G.; Risitano, A. // 2002
The design of products with good environmental performance over their entire life-cycle requires the development of models and methodologies which provide as complete a vision of the problem as ...

An Integrated Procedure for the Design of Sustainable Products

Pighini, U.; Fargnoli, M.; Accinni, S. // 2002
The role of Designers is basically important in the development of sustainable MSs: he has both the goal to modify products in order to increase their environmental performance and to make these ...

An Integrated System for Improving Lighting Design Strategy

Chen, S. C.; Shih, S. C.; Chang, T. W. // 2002
Architectural illumination is typically designed at the end rather than the beginning, a design process. Designers use visualization to make relevant suggestions concerning lighting as illumination ...

An Interface Specification for Principle Solutions Supporting the Cross-Domain Design of Mechatronic Systems

Möhringer, S.; Gausemeier, J. // 2002
Starting from the principle solution of a mechatronic system its components are usually worked out in detail decentralised within the envolved engineering domains. With the increasing design progress ...

Analysis of the Tooth Root Stress in High Transverse Contact Ratio Involute Gearing

Lovrin, N.; Križan, B. // 2002
This paper deals with the analysis of the tooth root stress in high transverse contact ratio (HCR) gearing. Based on the realistic load distribution on tooth pairs in mesh, which has been determined ...

Analytical and Numerical Analysis of Non-Symmetrical All Steel Sandwich Panels Under Uniform Pressure Load

Kujala, P.; Klanac, A. // 2002
Steel sandwich panels welded by laser can offer 30-50 % weight savings compared to the conventional steel structures. In the paper, the behaviour of the non – symmetrical all steel sandwich panels ...

Annotation and Knowledge Creation

Boujut, J.-F. // 2002
Annotation is a natural way for adding information to a specific representation. Every designer knows that, and it is the first thing a designer do when he wants to express a point of view or ...

Anwendung des AEM-Verfahrens in der Produktentwicklung

Fejes, E.; Günter, H.; Bercsey, T. // 2002

Application of Damage Model for Numerical Determination of Carrying Capacity of Large Rolling Bearings

Kunc, R.; Prebil, I.; Rodic, T.; Korelc, J. // 2002
An exploitation of large axial bearings includes some load peaks, which cause permanent deformation of rolling contact. The plastic strain of base material under the hardened rolling layer starts to ...

Application of ICDM for the Conceptual Design of a New Product

Hari, A.; Herscovitz, J.; Zonnenshain, A.; Weiss, M. P. // 2002
ICDM is an Integrated, Customer Driven, Conceptual Design Method for the entire conceptual design process. ICDM is briefly presented in this paper and demonstrated with a detailed case study.
The ...

Application of Methods from Social Sciences in Design Research

Bender, B.; Reinicke, T.; Wünsche, T.; Blessing, L. T. M. // 2002
In many engineering publications on approaches to support design activity, there is little evidence of use of valid empirical data. Proposals often rely on single findings, on assumptions or on ...

Approaches of Knowledge-Based Design

Vajna, S. // 2002
Knowledge-based design is a concept for the computer-aided provision and application of different representations of knowledge along the product development process. In this paper, after proposing a ...

Aspects to the Coordination of Collaborative Design

Cumming, M. // 2002
This research studies methods for providing design process support for distributed groups of designers, to allow them to collaborate and co-ordinate their actions, within the context of collaborative ...

Assembly Configuration and Appearance Changes in VRML Environment

Jezernik, A.; Hren, G.; Golob, B. // 2002
3D CAD models provide a natural way of sharing design information among designers. VR emerged to be a popular technology for human-computer interface in product design fields. VRML is a tool ...

Assessing Design Activity: Issues and Actions

Cowdroy, R.; Williams, A. // 2002
An international collaborative research and development program documents a single framework to resolve inconsistencies between good teaching principles, accreditation requirements and the various ...

Bottom Structure For DutchEVO Car: Formulation Of The Problem And The Adjustment Of The Optimization System

Ermolaeva, N. S.; Kaveline, K. G.; Spoormaker, J. L. // 2002
The optimization problem of the DutchEVO car bottom structure was formulated with respect to the minimum mass under the constraints revealed from bending load case. The Multipoint Approximation ...

Building the Design Observatory: a Core Instrument for Design Research

Carrizosa, K.; Eris, Ö.; Milne, A.; Mabogunje, A. // 2002
The "observe-analyse-intervene" method allows a complex system to be perturbed to deepen understanding and reveal hidden assumptions. Historically we have collected analogue audio and video ...

Classification of Design Research Documents

McMahon, C.; Culley, S.; Lowe, A. // 2002
Classification involves the development and use of schemes for the systematic organisation of knowledge (represented as information) (Langridge, 1992). The origins of modern approaches towards ...

Cleaning up Design Methods - Describing Methods Completely and Standardised

Birkhofer, H.; Kloberdanz, H.; Berger, B.; Sauer, T. // 2002
To improve the design process, it is aimed to optimise the description of design methods and the access to them for effective use in design projects and for better support of learning and teaching. ...

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