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Concept maps collaborative creation in product lifecycle management

Oliveira, D., Gardoni, M., & Dalkir, K. // 2021

Conceptual design for assembly in aerospace industry: sensitivity analysis of mathematical framework and design parameters

Formentini, G., Favi, C., Cuiller, C., Dereux, P., Bouissiere, F., & Jurbert, C. // 2021

Conceptual Design of a Nanosatellite Incubator Using Axiomatic Design and a Mechatronic Multicriteria Profile

Ma, Yuanchao; Vadean, Aurelian; Beltrame, Giovanni; Achiche, Sofiane // 2021
The CubeSat platform has become increasingly popular in recent decades. Due to its relatively low research cost and short development time, it is often used to conduct experiments in space in various ...

Configuring customized products with design optimization and value-driven design

Vidner, O., Wehlin, C., Persson, J., & Ölvander, J. // 2021

Configuring Ship Locks Using A Product Platform Based On DSM Methods

Knippenberg, S.C.M.; Pennings, W.J.; Etman, L.F.P.; Rooda, J.E.; Vogel, J.A. // 2021
Rijkswaterstaat (RWS), the executive branch of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, has announced that a significant number of ship locks in the Netherlands are due for ...


Gembarski, Paul Christoph // 2021
Design automation in mechanical engineering requires students not only to obtain competences in the application of computer aided design software and the creation of knowledge-based product models. ...

Control of a drone with body gestures

Gio, N., Brisco, R., & Vuletic, T. // 2021

Coordinating Synchronous Interdependent Decisions In Complex Projects

Kilani, Meriam; Marle, Franck; Vidal, Ludovic-Alexandre // 2021
Oil and gas projects present a wide range of opportunities and issues that challenge decision-making processes. The major challenge addressed here concerns the coordination of multiple interdependent ...

Creation of digital twins - key characteristics of physical to virtual twinning in mechatronic product development

Sturm, C., Steck, M., Bremer, F., Revfi, S., Nelius, T., Gwosch, T., . . . Matthiesen, S. // 2021


De Vos, Ellen (1,2); Baccarne, Bas (2); Emmanouil, Marina (1) // 2021
A definition of creative problem-solving includes the production of original, high quality and elegant solutions, challenged by novel, complex, ill-defined, or poorly structured problems [1]. The ...

Criteria for selecting design process modelling approaches

Trauer, J., Wöhr, F., Eckert, C., Kannengiesser, U., Knippenberg, S., Sankowski, O., & Zimmermann, M. // 2021

Current trends and developments of product modularisation – a bibliometric analysis

Mertens, K., Rennpferdt, C., Greve, E., Krause, D., & Meyer, M. // 2021

Data for engineering design: maps and gaps

Chiarello, F., Coli, E., Giordano, V., Fantoni, G., & Bonaccorsi, A. // 2021

Data-driven creativity: computational problem-exploring in engineering design

Obieke, C., Milisavljevic-Syed, J., & Han, J. // 2021

Data-driven design challenges in the early stages of the product development process

Briard, T., Jean, C., Aoussat, A., Véron, P., Le Cardinal, J., & Wartzack, S. // 2021

Dedicated vs. Shared Resources in Organizations: Modifying the Design Structure Matrix (DSM) to Support Consolidation Decisions

Yassine, Ali; Worren, Nicolay; Christiansen, Tore // 2021
A key organization design principle is to group interdependent elements in the same clusters. This principle is the basis for the Design Structure Matrix (DSM), which can be used to automate the ...

Definition of driving factors for designing social innovations in the energy sector

Lizarralde, I., Abi Akle, A., Hamwi, M., & Samir, B. // 2021

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