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Borg, J. C.; Farrugia, P.; Camilleri, K. P.; Giannini, F.; Yan, X. T.; Scicluna, D. // 2003

Wirkprinzipien der Selbstoptimierung

Schmidt, A.; Gausemeier, J. // 2003


Kristjansson, A. H.; Kristensen, K.; Hildre, H. P. // 2003

A Classification of Matrix-based Methods for Product Modeling

Malmqvist, J. // 2002
In the development of complex products considerations of the product structure and relations within the product are crucial. Matrix-based product modeling methods can support this activity by, for ...

A Concurrent Engineering Information Model Based on the STEP Standard and the Theory of Domains

Aganovic, D.; Nielsen, J.; Fagerström, J.; Clausson, L.; Falkman, P. // 2002
An information model that is capturing product and manufacturing system design, as well as the idea of concurrent engineering, is emphasized in this paper. First, a case product is decomposed along ...

A Design Process for Complex Mechanical Structures Using Property Based Models, with Application to Car Bodies

Bylund, N.; Fredericson, H.; Thompson, G. // 2002
The design of complex mechanical structures is multi-objective and includes the treatements of a wide range of requirements such as quantitative, qualitative, subjective and objective. An example of ...

A Different View on PDM and its Future Potentials

Weber, C.; Werner, H.; Deubel, T. // 2002
Objective of the paper is to re-conceive the nature and development potentials of PDM-systems, based on a new approach to design theory called “property-driven development/design” (PDD). PDD is a new ...

A Feature Based Approach for Conceptual Design

Golob, B.; Jezernik, A.; Hren, G. // 2002
Early phases of design process still lacks of the computer support, although it has been recognised as an important part of design process. Paper introduces an approach towards a feature-based ...

A French Approach to Teaching Project Management

Stal-Le Cardinal, J.; Bocquet, J.-C. // 2002
This pedagogic article presents the management of project actions at Ecole Centrale of Paris and a design and realization project experience’s teaching, a lavender harvester. This project, lasted of ...

A Guided Surgical Drilling Method

Caccamo, E.; Capello, F.; Lombardo, E.; Mancuso, A.; Petrucci, G. // 2002
This work presents a method to obtain a surgical guide allowing the implantologist to execute easily and with accuracy the implant seat. The drilling direction is obtained by elaborating the CT ...

A KBE System to Manage the Module Configuration Using the Corporate Knowledge

Mandorli, F.; Berti, S.; Germani, M. // 2002
A key point, today, is the development of products that fulfil the individual customer needs as close as possible. The market trend, hence, is towards the ""mass customization"". ...

A Methodology Supporting the Preparation of 3D-CAD Data for Design Reviews in VR

Graf, H.; Brunetti, G.; Stork, A. // 2002
In recent years a range of different VR applications have been developed for the purposes of design review and analysis. The typical data source for a design review of complex models using VR ...

A Review of Product Development Performance Metrics Investigations with Emphasis on the Designer Level

Acosta, C. L. M.; Araújo, C. S.; Trabassos, L. G. // 2002
The study discussed in the paper is a review of the outstanding literature on Product Development (PD) metrics (both theoretical and practical), and also on our own industrial experience on the ...

A Simulated Brain Model for Products' Creative Design

He, W. P.; Cai, H. M.; Zhang, Y. // 2002
Based on cognition psychology, information technology, artificial intelligence, and knowledge mining based on database over Internet, etc. the paper build a simulated brain model to aid creative ...

A Software Tool for Observation and Analysis of Design Activity

Bender, B.; Kammerer, U.; Pietzcker, F.; Blessing, L. T. M.; Hacker, W. // 2002
For identification of successful design strategies we observe individual heuristics of experienced professional designers within a cross sectional laboratory study. To cope with some typical problems ...

A Strategy for Quality Assurance of Computer Based Design Methods

Opiyo, E.Z.; Horváth, I.; Vergeest, J.S.M. // 2002

A Study of the Effects of Different Types of System Architecture on the Development Process

Grante, C.; Bylund, N. // 2002
To minimise development cost and time different system architectures require different development processes, in this paper the impact on early phases is addressed. Three types of system ...

A Study on the Characteristics of Product Color on the Internet - With an Emphasis on the Interaction Between the Expression of Product Color Information and Color

Suk, H.-J.; Kwon, E.-S. // 2002
The internet has offered the breakpoint changes for design research though, some studies have indicated the importance of comprehending customer interactions in prior to adhering to technological ...

A Study on the Design Thinking Process With Difficult Keyword

Nagai, Y.; Noguchi, H. // 2002
We focused on designer's drawing to know how designers made images of design object from given keywords. We thought that difficult keyword would give us good clues to know thinking path of ...

A Study on the Thinking Path Model of Creative Design Process

Noguchi, H.; Nagai, Y. // 2002
In next step of our research, we had another experiment to know designer’s inner process of creative thinking by tracing dynamic relations of designer’s behaviors and drawings using two video ...

A System for Footwear Fitting Analysis

Kos, L.; Duhovnik, J. // 2002
A shoe making industry that can offer shoes that fit consumer needs has a decided advantage over its competitors. Next to fashion requirement, shoe fitness is an important selection criterion. The ...

Aerodynamics Aspects of Formula S Racing Car

Pehan, S.; Kegl, B. // 2002
The new open wheeler racing car is developed. The car are build with a student team afford over a period of one year. The article is focused on the design procedure of front and rear wings. The eight ...

An Analysis of Design Decision-Making in Industrial Practice

Hansen, C. T.; Ahmed, S. // 2002
This paper describes research that confronts a generic decision-making model with design strategies employed by experienced designers. The relationship between the decision-making activities proposed ...

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