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Proposing a novel approach for testing complex medical task trainer prototypes

Lilleløkken, Oscar; Ege, Daniel Nygård; Auflem, Marius; Steinert, Martin // 2020
Using the Wayfaring model in the Fuzzy Front End of product development can aid designers in uncovering and answering ambiguous design questions. However, it does not aid the challenge of combining ...

Research Data Management System for a large Collaborative Project

Mozgova, Iryna; Koepler, Oliver; Kraft, Angelina; Lachmayer, Roland; Auer, Sören // 2020
Regarding the development of complex new technological processes, research data management systems are of major importance to support scientist in large collaborative projects and allow project teams ...

Reuse principle for primary packaging circularity in the food system

Sæter, Frøydis; Alvarado, Isaac Ortega; Pettersen, Ida Nilstad // 2020
The overall goal of this article is to explore how the circular economy reuse principle can transform the mainstream food system in order to reduce plastic waste from primary packaging. This paper ...

Rigi Meetings

Weber, Christian; Andreasen, Mogens Myrup; Vajna, Sándor // 2020
This report was written on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Design Society Rigi-Kaltbad, Switzerland

For those who initiated the Design Society in 1999/2000, the term “Rigi Meetings” ...

Scrum Training for Product Configuration Systems Development

Shafiee, Sara; Wautelet, Yves // 2020
Product configuring systems (PCS) enable companies to develop product alternatives to facilitate sales and production processes. Hence, PCS projects are kind of complex IT projects and have driven ...

Service design and circular economy in the fashion industry

Kongelf, Ingrid; Camacho-Otero, Juana // 2020
This article investigates through a literature review how factors in fast fashion and service design aspects can help address user acceptance challenges in circular clothing models, with the aim of ...

Shaping wicked problem solvers: innovating educational programs through design thinking

Johansson, Christian; Jagtap, Santosh; Bertoni, Marco; Bertoni, Alessandro; Wall, Johan // 2020
g changing societal needs and demands of industry. The paper presents the overall programme structure, consisting of three main focus streams — the engineering design core, three academic ...

SHELTERING EMERGENCIES: Design development process of temporary housing in post-disaster settlement by community participation

Dev, Kankana Narayan; Das, Amarendra Kumar // 2020
This paper discusses the design process of developing a temporary shelter for the displaced people in the post-flood settlements of the Brahmaputra Valley. The built culture of the affected community ...

Sustainability awareness in organizations through gamification and serious games: a systematic mapping

Scurati, Giulia Wally; Ferrise, Francesco; Bertoni, Marco // 2020
The transition towards more sustainable practices is one of the main challenges that companies and organizations are currently facing. The use of serious games and gamification has shown to be ...

The Crux of Integration Prototyping in Complex Environments

Hjorth, Johan Chr. W.; Sjöman, Heikki; Steinert, Martin // 2020
This paper considers the application field of testing a prototype in prototyped test environments versus in the actual intended environment. This is done by studying a project with the aim of ...

The Decision Arena: A model-centric interactive workspace for Product-Service System design

Wall, Johan; Bertoni, Marco // 2020
Design has become an intense ‘social activity’: working with others and sharing a common understanding are of critical importance to find satisfying solutions for customers and stakeholders. This ...

The hackathon format: an analysis of its possible interpretations under a service design perspective

de Götzen, Amalia; Simeone, Luca; Saad-Sulonen, Joanna; Becermen, Begüm; Morelli, Nicola // 2020
This paper intends to explore the hackathon phenomenon by reflecting over the experience of the authors as participants or organizers of 5 hackathons that took place between 2011 and 2017. The paper ...

Understanding system features through information visualisations to improve product development: An exploratory study with data analysts

Idrissov, Agzam; Škec, Stanko; Maier, Anja M. // 2020
Information visualisations, such as diagrams and charts, support analysis of large amounts of information. While there exist various information visualisations for decision support in product ...

Understanding the product: Backtracking the QFD connections via the product structure

Johansson, Roger // 2020
Literature is pointing out the subjectivity when using QFD. a method is developed and explored with the aim to try to backtrack and verify the QFD connections via the product structure and thereby ...

Unmanned autonomous vessels and the necessity of human-centred design

Kristoffersen, Cecilie // 2020
Unmanned autonomous vessels are said to be the future of the shipping industry. Besides lowering cost and emissions, it is also said to lower the accidents attributed to human error completely. ...


Shin, Dosun // 2019
This paper introduces the research and process of assistive device design for a special 4-year-old dog who lost one of his front left leg due to a gun shot by a policeman on the street. This project ...


Jellema, Anton (1); Galloin, Evan (2); Massé, Benoît (2); Ruiter, Iemkje (1); Molenbroek, Johan (1); Huysmans, Toon (1) // 2019
The Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering of the Delft University of Technology offers a bachelor’s degree education programme and three master programmes. Our students are lectured in ergonomics ...

A "lattice" approach to design education: Bringing real and integrated design experience to the classroom through Engineering Design Days

Hurst, Ada; Rennick, Chris; Bedi, Sanjeev // 2019
While design is fundamental to engineering practice, modern training in engineering design has almost exclusively moved to the classroom, providing students little exposure to holistic, real-world ...


Esparragoza, Ivan (1); Mesa-Cogollo, Jaime (2) // 2019
Finding sustainable solutions to worldwide problems has become a critical challenge for engineers. The use of natural resources and the generation of materials no degradable should be controlled when ...

A CHAT Approach to Understand Framing in Digital Service Innovation

Sturkenboom, Nick (1); Baha, Ehsan (1,2); Price, Rebecca (1); Kleinsmann, Maaike (1); Snelders, Dirk (1) // 2019
Within the third wave of digital service innovation, framing is becoming increasingly complex. Accordingly, design practice finds itself in a transition from designing single service solutions that ...

A Comparison Of Contemporary Prototyping Methods

Coutts, Euan Ross (1,2); Wodehouse, Andrew (2); Robertson, Jason (2) // 2019
Prototypes are a common feature of many product design and development endeavours. An ever widening range of prototyping options are available to designers and engineers. May particular options be ...

A Comparison of Design Activity of Academics and Practitioners Using the FBS Ontology: A Case Study

Hurst, Ada (1); Nespoli, Oscar G. (1); Abdellahi, Sarah (2); Gero, John S. (2) // 2019
Academics teach engineering design based on design theory and best practices, practitioners teach design based on their experience. Is there a difference between them? There appears to be little ...

A Computational Framework for Exploring the Socio-Cognitive Features of Teams and their Influence on Design Outcomes

Singh, Harshika (1); Cascini, Gaetano (1); Casakin, Hernan (2); Singh, Vishal (3) // 2019
The dynamics of design teams play a critical role in product development, mainly in the early phases of the process. This paper presents a conceptual framework of a computational model about how ...

A computational study of the effect of experience on problem/solution space exploration in teams

Perisic, Marija Majda (1); Martinec, Tomislav (1); Storga, Mario (1,2); Gero, John S (3,4) // 2019
This paper presents the results of computational experiments aimed at studying the effect of experience on design teams? exploration of problem-solution space. An agent-based model of a design team ...

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