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ETO Standardization Strategies: Verifying Implementation and Effect

Bertram, Christian Alexander; Mueller, Georg Otto; Mortensen, Niels Henrik // 2020
Engineer-To-Order product development often entails project-based development of highly customized products with a production of low volumes. Unique designs increases the interest for re-use to keep ...

Evaluation of daylight performance of classroom spaces in ahmedabad

Piparsania, Kratika Rajeev; Vaidya, Prasad; Kalita, Pratul Chandra // 2020
The study uses building energy simulation tools to analyze the conceptual models representative of existing classroom spaces in Ahmedabad, to study the daylight performance The existing classroom ...

Evaluation of Ideas in the Crowdsourcing process for product innovation

Cortez Gomes, Joade; de Lima Silva, Técia; Nogueira Rêgo, Laíssa; de Oliveira Ferreira, Paula; Orestes Aguirre González, Mario // 2020
The purpose of this article is to propose criteria, methods and factors to evaluate ideas generated from a crowdsourcing approach. To this end, a systematic bibliographic review and a case study was ...

Experience of a Co-creation Workshop with elderly people using natural semantic networks

Briede Westermeyer, Juan Carlos; Leal Figueroa, Isabel; Vargas Callegari, Rodrigo; Ortega Bastidas, Javiera; Pérez Villalobos, Cristhian // 2020
The problems associated to the Older Adult are diverse and complex, which makes it easy to lose focus or think that they are aspects that can be solved from isolated disciplines and excluding the ...

Fungal Future: A review of mycelium biocomposites as an ecological alternative insulation material

Robertson, Owen; H // 2020
Mycelium biocomposties (MBs) are emerging as viable green alternative to hydrocarbon based insulation materials; with comparable thermal, sound and fire safety characteristics. These new materials ...

Future-oriented product engineering through environment scenarios by using the example of future forms of mobility in urban living spaces

Marthaler, Florian; Stehle, Simon; Siebe, Andreas; Albers, Albert // 2020
The future of mobility is a topic which is characterized by uncertainty regarding the future development. In order to develop relevant product characteristics for the mobility of the future from ...

General Approach to support Modelling of Data and Information Flows in Product Development

Mehlstäubl, Jan; Atzberger, Alexander; Paetzold, Kristin // 2020
The efficient coordination of data and information is an important leaver for shorter development times and greater competitiveness. In this paper, a methodical approach for detailed and ...

How We (Sometimes Do Not) Evaluate Design Support: A Review of How Design Support Is Evaluated in Practice

Hansen, Camilla Arndt; Özkil, Ali Gürcan // 2020
Design support can benefit practitioners, but it must be evaluated to increase the likelihood of adoption in industry. This study investigated how design support was evaluated in the papers presented ...

Identifying modularity practices across mechanics, electronics and software

Askhøj, Christoffer; Løkkegaard, Martin; Bertram, Christian Alexander; Mortensen, Niels Henrik // 2020
In this paper we present five modularity practices across the domains of mechanics, electronics and software deduced from observations from four companies. The practices are made to help product ...

Initiatives towards a concurrent maintenance process

Sigsgaard, Kristoffer Vandrup; Agergaard, Julie Krogh; Mortensen, Niels Henrik; Hansen, Kasper Barslund; Soleymani, Iman; Khalid, Waqas // 2020
Maintenance costs are becoming increasingly important to running a profitable business. The foundation of lower costs is an effective maintenance process. Often the maintenance process is similar to ...

Insights for touchscreen interface guidelines for medical devices: A case study of a usability test

Nagarajan, Kamya; Silva, Arlindo; Lee, Hyowon // 2020
The purpose of the paper is to share the learning from a usability test of a medical device. We discuss about inferences made from a usability test of a medical device with a touchscreen UI. A ...

Integration of low-cost, dry-comb EEG-electrodes with a standard electrode cap for multimodal signal acquisition during human experiments

Erichsen, Christian Kuster; Dybvik, Henrikke; Steinert, Martin // 2020
This paper describes development of an experimental setup that enables convenient and fast integration of low-cost, spring-loaded, dry electroencephalography (EEG) electrodes with a research-grade ...

Interactive model-based decision-making tools in early product platform design

Alonso Fernandez, I // 2020
It is difficult to gather and unify the views of multiple stakeholder simultaneously. To support decision makers, when dealing with uncertainty and with decisions involving trade-offs, an interactive ...

KPI-linked transformation process for digitized production through the systematic analysis and evaluation of trends

Marthaler, Florian; Mertes, Thomas; Albers, Albert // 2020
Planning for production is based on a comparison between the target and actual status. In companies with limited resources, cost-intensive developments such as setting up production can jeopardize ...

Making customer integration in company processes persistent: Comparison of literature and industrial perspective

Vogel, Simone; Kreimeyer, Matthias; Richter, Ronny; Spinler, Stefan // 2020
Companies lack efficient mechanisms for the systematic and continuous integration of customers in order to generate benefits and to avoid further complicating their internal processes. A gap was ...

Mass Distribution as an Approach for Designing Lightweight-Driven Product Architectures

Laufer, Felix; Roth, Daniel; Binz, Hansgeorg // 2020
Lightweight-design methods for the conceptual phase of the product-development process are becoming increasingly important due to their influence on products’ mass. Besides mass reduction, the ...

Modelling and designing of the system properties based on characteristics and the degree of maturity on the example of a high pressure storage system

Duschek, Daniel; Michael Vielhaber, Michael // 2020
The product development process (PDP) in the automotive industry, from design to series production, is a complex process. Increasing customer requirements and growing competition lead to a shortening ...

Normative Design for Society and Anticipatory Technology Development: A Double Challenge for Design Research

Vermaas, Pieter; Stone, Taylor // 2020
In this paper we consider designing for societal goals and analyze it in the broader context of guiding technology development towards socially desirable directions. We argue that design research can ...

On How Designers Communicate the Functionality of Articulated Product Concepts in Sketches

Ramana, G Kalyan; Onkar, Prasad S // 2020
This work deals with finding out issues faced by designers in communicating functionality of articulated product concepts through sketching. These have been observed and analyzed by performing a ...

On the Treatment of Equality Constraints in Mechanical Systems Design Subject to Uncertainty

Stumpf, Julian; Naumann, Thomas; Vogt, Marc Eric; Duddeck, Fabian; Zimmermann, Markus // 2020
In early phases of product development, uncertainty may be treated by a set-based design method relying on so-called solution spaces. In this approach, all relevant system requirements are used to ...

Packaging design strategies for introducing whole mealworms as human food

Kauppi, Saara-Maria // 2020
the variety of packaging design strategies for mealworms, based on packaging design suggestions by master‘s students. The design suggestions are analysed and categorised under different themes for ...

Participatory Design and Environmental Education in Visitor Centers: A Case Study from Nepal

Hoang, Ninni Kim Nhi; Edvardsen, Mia; Keitsch, Martina // 2020
This paper discusses how environmental education in visitor centers can be enhanced through participatory design approaches. Participatory design provides useful methods and tools to capture ...

Participatory Disaster Risk Reduction in Developing Countries

Ramstad, Idun Sarre; Glesaaen, Peter Kristian; Keitsch, Martina // 2020
As conventional Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in developing countries fails to create a real and long-lasting impact, a more community-based approach has emerged. However, even this approach ...

Planning & Tracking the Changes - Matrix Mapping of Modular Product Family Generations

Küchenhof, Jan; Schwede, Lea-Nadine; Krause, Dieter // 2020
In this paper, the handling of different product family generations is methodically supported. In order to prepare low internal complexity for offering future product variants, Design for Variety and ...

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