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"Elderpersonas" adapting personas to understand the real needs of elderly people

Gonzalez de Heredia, Arantxa; Justel, Daniel; Iriarte, Ion; Lasa, Ganix // 2017
The population aged 65 and above is the most diverse of the age groups. This diversity is also growing due to longer life expectancy. To provide them with the right assistive products it is crucial ...

15 industry cases of product-service systems for manufacturing companies and their comparison framework

Kim, Yong Se; Choe, Yunhwa // 2017
Many manufacturing companies develop Product-Service Systems (PSS) based on their product strengths by devising service elements to achieve business innovation. Such servitization processes and ...


Mirtaheri, Peyman (1); Guler, Evin (1); Gjřvaag, Terje (2) // 2017
Medical applications for 3D printing are expanding rapidly and this technology is expected to revolutionize health care. The application of 3D printing in medicine and healthcare can provide several ...


Smit, Mark Jacobus; Persaud, Stefan Maxim // 2017
In product design engineering education, classes in engineering mechanics are often difficult, unrewarding and unsatisfying for both students and lecturers. Within the Product Design Engineering ...

A category of design steps

Breiner, Spencer; Subrahmanian, Eswaran // 2017
In this paper we critique the interpretation of Concept-Knowledge theory in terms of logical decidability. We argue instead that concepts and knowledge should be regarded as logical language and ...

A CBR approach for supporting ecodesign with SysML

Bougain, Sébastien Joël; Gerhard, Detlef // 2017
Taking environmental and sustainability issues adequately into account within the design process is mandatory but leads to additional complexity since even more engineering domains have to be ...

A clustering and word similarity based approach for identifying product feature words

Suryadi, Dedy; Kim, Harrison // 2017
Product designers need to capture feedback from customers in order to assess how the product performs and is perceived in the market. One such example of publicly available source of customer’s ...

A comparison of design decisions made early and late in development

Tan, James; Otto, Kevin; Wood, Kristin // 2017
The occurrence rates and cost impact of design changes made early and later in the design process were studied, to test and quantify the 80-20 rule of design cost impacts, that early design decisions ...

A computational approach to expose conversation dynamics in engineering design activities

Wulvik, Andreas; Menning, Axel; Steinert, Martin // 2017
This paper presents work in the field of using computational tools to expose conversation dynamics in design activities. We are considering quantitatively how designers engage in design conversations ...

A computational tool for virtual product development exploiting changeability knowledge

Francalanza, Emmanuel; Borg, Jonathan; Constantinescu, Carmen // 2017
Shifts in customer needs coupled with highly competitive markets and technological advances, means that product families evolve over time. Product family evolution has an effect not only on how the ...

A concept and prototype for a new app to support collaborative and multi- criteria decision making in product development

Luft, Thomas; Rupprecht, Simon; Wartzack, Sandro // 2017
As products become increasingly complex, product developers have to make decisions effectively and efficiently. Therefore, the long term goal of the authors is the development of a new app to support ...

A concept of an integrated system for monitoring changes on the human skin

Zezelj, Dragan; Bojcetic, Nenad; Pletikapic Exle, Latica // 2017
In this study, a concept of an integrated system for monitoring changes on the human skin is presented. The system is based on a static or mobile self-service front-end facility. Its purpose is to ...

A corpus-led approach on guidelines extraction from design thinking methodologies

Rosa, Maiara; Nogueira, Giovana; Rozenfeld, Henrique // 2017
Target of criticism and enthusiastic expressions in literature, design thinking (DT) as spread by IDEO has been popularized and practitioners’ literature has been growing. However, this DT strand ...

A creative learning space development toolkit: Empirical evaluation of a novel design method

Thoring, Katja ; Mueller, Roland ; Badke-Schaub, Petra ; Desmet, Pieter // 2017
The physical environment in design education can have a significant impact on students’ creativity, learning performance, and wellbeing. However, little attention is given to the question, how to ...

A crowdsourced design experiment using free-hand sketch design method based on the cDesign framework

Wu, Hao; Corney, Jonathan // 2017
In the age of ubiquitous, global Internet the process of product design is no longer confined to individuals or groups of employees but can be carried out by the combined efforts of many people ...

A decade trend of utilization of design tools and methods in Japanese product industries

Nomaguchi, Yutaka; Takami, Masashi; Sakaguchi, Anna; Fujita, Kikuo // 2017
Researchers in the design engineering domain have devoted to develop various tools and methods which support new product development activities. However, there are less research works surveying their ...

A descriptive study of the effect of K-12 design education on changes in self-esteem

Broussard, Kaylin; Murphy, Lauren; Fu, Katherine Kai-Se // 2017
This research explores the hypothesis that introducing K-12 students to design education has the potential to introduce students to skills that are integral and vital to being a strong designer, with ...

A design case study: Transferring design processes and prototyping principles into industry for rapid response and user impact

Sng, Karen Hui En; Raviselvam, Sujithra; Anderson, David; Blessing, Lucienne; Camburn, Bradley Adam; Wood, Kristin // 2017
Process models and design principles play a major role in the development of a product. With every process and principle having their own benefits, deciding the right combination is a challenging ...

A design method for restriction oriented lightweight design by using selective laser melting

Lippert, Bastian; Lachmayer, Roland // 2017
This paper describes the implementation of internal structures for mechanically loaded components to save material, and thus for a lightweight design, by using selective laser melting. Based on the ...

A design to cost method for electric cable harness

Mandolini, Marco; Cicconi, Paolo; Castorani, Vincenzo; Vita, Alessio; Germani, Michele // 2017
The Design to Cost method is a well-known methodology for developing cost-competitive products. In the context where the Industry 4.0 initiative is pushing the research on innovative systems for data ...

A framework for designing end use products for direct manufacturing using additive manufacturing technologies

Zhu, Zicheng; Pradel, Patrick; Bibb, Richard; Moultrie, James // 2017
Additive Manufacturing (AM) has enjoyed rapid development over the past decade and improved process capability brings attractive potentials for direct manufacturing of end use components and ...


Trathen, Stephen; Varadarjan, Soumitri // 2017
This paper describes the Industrial Design ecology framework model - a propositional model for product/industrial design practice and education, and explores how this model can illuminate current and ...

A function- and embodiment-based failure analysis method for an in-depth understanding of failure mechanisms

Gladysz, Bartosz; Spandl, Lukas; Albers, Albert // 2017
Research studies have shown that there is an industry demand for improved failure analysis as well as failure documentation and this could be accomplished by model-based failure analysis methods. ...

A geometric approach to tolerance analysis: Contribution to the robust design of flexible assemblies

Schluer, Christoph; Gust, Peter; Mersch, Frank; Diepschlag, Falko; Sersch, Alina // 2017
Tolerance analysis is an important element for virtual product development. It makes it possible to record the effects of permissible deviations for the complex assemblies. The component deviations ...

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