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April 2018

May 2018

  • IS3E: International Spring School on Systems Engineering

    The International Spring School on Systems Engineering IS3E is a cooperative five day course created for PhD students who want to extend their knowledge of Systems Engineering.

  • Integrated Product Development Summer School 2018 (ipdISS 2018)

    The 5th IPD Summer School aims at researchers interested in both understanding and researching the interrelations between design, manufacturing, and business aspects. Taking place over two weeks in Malta (May 2018) and Germany (September 2018).

  • DESIGN 2018 - 15th International Design Conference

    The DESIGN Conference programme offers broad exchange possibilities to researchers and practitioners, strategic decision makers, managers, design and engineering professionals, national or regional agencies or governmental bodies.

June 2018

  • UBISS 2018 - 9th International UBI Summer School 2018

    Call for Participants to workshop “MAKE. WEAR. MATTER: EXPLORATIONS IN DESIGN, MAKING & CREATIVITY” (application deadline March 13, 2018)

  • 5th International Summer School “Product Architecture Design"

    Held in fanciful Helsinki Finland at the Design Factory at Aalto University, this PhD researcher course will cover the latest research in modularity and product architecture.

  • Spring School “Eco-Design of Complex Systems”

    This spring school is open to 20 people, in priority from EcoSD network, the Design Society and Université Paris-Saclay, but not only. It is supervised by Pr. Bernard Yannou, administrator of
    EcoSD and member of the Design Society.

  • 20th Summer School on Engineering Design Research (SSEDR ’18)

    Organisers and main instructors are again Prof. Lucienne Blessing (Singapore University of Technology and Design), Dr. Daniela Pigosso (Technical University of Denmark) and Prof. Christian Weber (Technische Uni­ver­sität Ilmenau, Germany).

August 2018

  • NordDesign 2018

    Welcome to NordDesign 2018. We are pleased to announce that NordDesign 2018 will be hosted in Linköping, Sweden on 14th-17th August 2018. The conference will take place at Linköping University and is organized by the Division of Machine Design.

September 2018

October 2018

January 2019

  • ICoRD'19: 7th International Conference on Research Into Design

    The theme of ICoRD‘19 is “Design for a connected world”, away from the traditional development of discrete products, towards products with a smart layer, which makes them context aware and responsive, both individually and collectively.

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