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DS 58-7: Proceedings of ICED 09, the 17th International Conference on Engineering Design, Vol. 7, Design for X / Design to X, Palo Alto, CA, USA, 24.-27.08.2009

Year: 2009

Editor: Norell Bergendahl, M.; Grimheden, M.; Leifer, L.; Skogstad, P.; Lindemann, U.

ISBN: 978-1-904670-11-7


ISBN 978-1-904670-11-7
The ICED series of conferences is the Design Society's "flagship" event. ICED'09 took place on August 24-27, 2009, at Stanford University’s verdant campus in Palo Alto, California.
The Proceedings of the conference are published in 10 individual volumes, arranged according to topics.
All volumes of the Proceedings may be purchased individually through Amazon and other on-line booksellers.
For members of the Design Society, all papers are available on this website.

EventTable of Contents
A Design Methodology to Overcome Local Effects in Joining Sandwich Materials
Krishnamoorthy, Sivakumara Kannappan; Feldhusen, Jörg (1-12)
Extraction of Latent Emotional Factors by Analyzing Human Sensitivity towards Unexplored Design: Application to Product Sound Design
Yanagisawa, Hideyoshi; Kataoka, Atsushi; Murakami, Tamotsu; Ohtomi, Koichi; Hosaka, Rika (13-24)
Design for Sustainability: Overview and Trends
Ameta, Gaurav (25-34)
Setting Environmental Targets in Product Development so that they Really Matter
Ölundh Sandström, Gunilla Christina; Ritzén, Sofia (35-46)
How to Generate Design Rules for Cost-Efficient Design of Mechatronic Products
Braun, Stefanie Constanze; Lindemann, Udo (47-56)
Uncertainty in Through Life Costing within the Concept of Product Service Systems: A Game Theoretic Approach
Kreye, Melanie; Goh, Y. M.; Newnes, L. B. (57-68)
Implementation of a Knowledge-Based Engineering Concept at an Automotive OEM
Weilguny, Laurenz Josef Hubert; Gerhard, Detlef (69-80)
Estimating Cost & Improving Trade-off between Performance and Cost at the Early Design Stages
Saravi, Mohammad; Newnes, Linda; Mileham, Tony; Goh, Yee-Mey (81-92)
Simultaneous Consideration of Product Design and End-of-Life Recovery Network Design
Kwak, Minjung; Kim, Harrison (93-104)
New ways of data processing for increasing of the efficiency within the product development
Westphal, Christoph; Meerkamm, Harald; Wartzack, Sandro; Paetzold, Kristin (105-114)
Improving Eco-Efficiency in Office Environments: Design for Good Use
Rojas, Johanna; Collado-Ruiz, Daniel (115-126)
A Quality Improving Method to Assist the Integrated Product Development Process
Negroni, Daniella Yada; Trabasso, Luís Gonzaga (127-136)
Integral Design for Open Building
Zeiler, Wim; Savanovic, Perica; Quanjel, Emile (137-148)
Design for Reconfigurability: Achieving Flexibility in Light Machines
Mullineux, Glen; Matthews, Jason; Medland, Tony (149-160)
Assembly-Oriented Product Structure based on Preliminary Assembly Process Engineering
Demoly, Frédéric; Gomes, Samuel; Eynard, Benoît; Rivest, Louis; Sagot, Jean-Claude (161-172)
The Trojan Horse Method as a Vector of Ecodesign Integration: A Case Study at a French SME
Reyes, Tatiana; Rohmer, Serge (173-184)
Influence of the Multiple Life Cycles on the Environmental Impact of a Product
Tchertchian, Nicolas; Liang, Haining; Millet, Dominique (185-196)
Product Robustness as a Basis for the Improvement of Production Planning Processes - Key Factors in Early Design Phases
Helten, Katharina; Hellenbrand, David; Lindemann, Udo (197-206)
Assessment of User Needs for an Electric-Powered Personal Transportation Unit in Urban Environment
Eurich, Markus; Jamali, Nadia; Löf/er, Karin (207-216)
Automated Analysis of Product Disassembly to Determine Environmental Impact
Agu, David Ikechukwu; Campbell, Matthew Ira (217-228)
The Genesis of a Comprehensive Design Thinking Solution
Böckmann, Oliver; Noweski, Christine; Meinel, Christoph (229-240)
"Soft" Problems with Consumer Electronics and the Influence of User Characteristics
Kim, Chajoong; Christiaans, Henri H. C. M. (241-252)
An Empirical Study of Energy Efficiency of Clothes Dryers
Lee, Jay; Hoeller, Norbert; Rogers, Damian; Musnier, Samuel; Salustri, Filippo Arnaldo (253-264)
Adapting Eco-Innovation Tools to the Needs of the Company: A Case Study
O’Hare, Jamie; Dekoninck, Elies; Turnbull, Aidan; McMahon, Chris (265-276)
Disruptive vs. Sustaining Technology and the Design Process
Kaldate, Amit; Thurston, Deborah; Rood, Mark (277-288)
Development of a framework for assessing sustainability in new product development
Sutcliffe, Laura Francesca Rose; Maier, Anja Martina; Moultrie, James; Clarkson, P. John (289-300)
Towards Integrating LCA into CAD
Ostad-Ahmad-Ghorabi, Hesamedin; Collado-Ruiz, Daniel; Wimmer, Wolfgang (301-310)
Designing Objects That Improve With Use
Helms, Michael Ray; Leifer, Larry (311-320)
Material selection Strategies for Environmental-Based Fatigue Design
Burvill, Colin Reginald; Leary, Martin; Sciavone, Francesco (321-332)
Prioritization of Product Requirements to Design for a Poka-Yoke Assembly - DFPYA
Estrada, Gabriela; Lloveras, Joaquim (333-344)
An Integrated Case Study of Material Selection, Testing and Optimization
Leary, Martin John; Mazur, Maciej; Lumley, Roger; Subic, Aleksandar (345-356)
Tidal Energy: Opportunities and Challenges for Renewable Power Generation
Leary, Martin John; Hollier, Will; Subic, Aleksandar; Hayes, Adrian; Burvill, Colin (357-)
ds conferenceICED09: 17th International Conference on Engineering Design

The Design Society and the Stanford Center for Design Research cordially invite you to participate in the International Conference on Engineering Design, ICED'09. The venue will be Stanford University’s verdant campus in the heart of Silicon Valley, a short 35 miles south of San Francisco, California. Research papers and case studies are solicited on any topic related to design thinking, theory, and practice, with a premium placed on evidence-based research. Topics and Themes include: *...

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