Design for Reconfigurability: Achieving Flexibility in Light Machines

Year: 2009
Editor: Norell Bergendahl, M.; Grimheden, M.; Leifer, L.; Skogstad, P.; Lindemann, U.
Author: Mullineux, Glen; Matthews, Jason; Medland, Tony
Section: Design for X, Design to X
Page(s): 149-160


Design for Reconfigurability is emerging as another important methodology of the "design for X". The important ideas behind the approach are discussed and their application is considered to the design of reconfigurable packaging machines for handling carton erection. It is found that typical motions required of such machines can be identified and generic mechanism modules to create these can be designed. It is shown that these modules can be combined to handle a range of different carton sizes and styles.

Keywords: Design for reconfigurability, machine design, packaging machines, flexibility, cartons


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