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Costs of rapid prototyping applications

Brockop, S. // 2002
The three measures of the effectiveness of a design process are cost, quality, and time. Regardless of the product being designed – whether it is an entire system or some small subpart of a larger ...

Creating Sustainable Students Through Project-Based Teaching

McAloone, T. C. // 2002
This paper describes a case study, where a multifunctiaonal group of international students were subject to an intensive two-week course on sustainability and innovation. The case describes a number ...

Damage Tolerant Design of the Aircraft Components

Jelaska, D.; Podrug, S.; Grljušic, M.; Glodež, S. // 2002
The closed form expression for estimation of the crack initiation life at combined HCF/LCF loading is derived in this paper, and the way of reshaping the crack growth rate formulae in the form ...

DAMOCIA-Design. An Experience of Design of Greenhouses Structures Modeling the Professional Knowledge with CommonKADS

Bienvenido, J. F.; Flores-Parra, I. M.; Guirado, R. // 2002
In this paper, we presents a knowledge intensive design tool, DAMOCIA-Design, which supports the design of greenhouse structures. After stating the initial necessity of a specialized tool that helps ...

Decision Based Knowledge Management for Design Project of Innovative Products

Longueville, B.; Stal Le Cardinal, J.; Bocquet, J.-C. // 2002
This paper describes a framework to analyse decision flows in design projects of innovative products. The objective is to provide tools to specify KM systems that satisfy projects stakeholders’ ...

Defining Product Service Systems

McAloone, T.; Andreasen, M.M. // 2002

Describing Design Methods According to the Specific Needs of Users

Sauer, T.; Berger, B.; Birkhofer, H. // 2002

Design and Evaluation of Metal Construction Manufacturing System

Lerher, T.; Potrc, I.; Kramberger, J.; Šraml, M. // 2002
The logistics simulation of the manufacturing production system is the main purpose of the present paper. The simulation for the new configuration of the production process was achieved using the ...

Design and Mechanical Engineering: How Good is the Link?

Bereznitski, A. // 2002
Design of modern products, which have to be competitive in the market, is a great challenge. The time period between the market demands a new product and this product should appear in the shop is ...

Design and Modification of Water-Stabilized Plasma Generator

Moravec, J.; Hrabovsky, M.; Matas, R. // 2002
Plasma torches with water-stabilized arcs provide an alternative to commonly used sources of thermal plasmas based on gas stabilised arcs or RF discharges. Such plasma torches with water-stabilized ...

Design as a Collaborative Process: A Systematic and Constructive Model for Developing Play Material for Blind/Visually Impaired Pre-School Children

Evyapan, N. A. G. Z. // 2002
This paper discusses a design process lived through, during the application of a model derived from design methodology and devised towards attaining a particular task. The task was: Designing a play ...

Design Education in the Information Age

Broadbent, J.; Cross, N. // 2002
We examine changes in design practice during the industrial and information ages from an evolutionary systems perspective. We conclude that: design practice and education have scarcely tapped the ...

Design of a Man-Machine Interface for a Pneumo-Hydraulic Control Console for an Underwater Platform

Kumar, P.; Chaturvedi, S. K. // 2002
The paper essentially focuses on developing a man-machine interface, which encompasses human engineering and ergonomics details such as functional & operational requirements, allocation, information ...

Design of Axial Pin Connections for Torque Transmission

Birkholz, H. // 2002
No extended sizing bases exist for the stability test of axial pin connections with clearance, in the technical literature only simplest calculation equations are indicated. The influence of ...

Design of Digital Graphic System

Nježic, Zoran; Žiljak, Vilko; Pap, Klaudio // 2002
In this work, design of graphic procedures is analised, in dependance on obstructions in production line. By quantitative determination of work ammount that is a reason for the lack of speed and job ...

Design Science for Mathematical Modelling of Gear Systems

Vanek, V.; Nemec, L.; Hosnedl, S. // 2002
The paper present our successful results of the effective implementation of engineering Design Science (DS) knowledge into the process of the engineering design of optimised gear systems (GS) from ...

Design Typology and Design Organisation

Andreasen, M. M.; Wognum, N.; McAloone, T. // 2002
The aim is the creation of a design typology, which can serve as identification of design types and design research contributions. A typology has been proposed earlier and here clarified. It consists ...

Designers' Involvement in Designing

Glock, F. // 2002
In the paper designing is conceived as a social, interactive process of interpretation and meaning construction. Sociological concepts are adopted to describe how designers build meaning through ...

Designing and Discrete Production of Office Furniture in CIM Systems

Smardzewski, J.; Dziegielewski, S.; Gawronski, T. // 2002
The objective of the research project was to develop an integrated model of parametric application operating in the environment of Mechanical Desktop® with an MRP (Material Resource Planning) class ...

Designing 2D and 3D Textiles Using Yarn Engineering and VR

Stjepanovic, Zoran; Jezernik, Anton // 2002
Virtual reality presents a promising technology that can be treated as a potential enrichment of conventional computer aided technologies. The contribution gives an overview of the application of ...

Designing Design

Duffy, A.H.B. // 2002

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