LWD-PD 2018 Lightweight Design in Product Development

Call for Papers

The LWD-PD 2018, Lightweight Design in Product Development symposium, will take place at ETH Zurich on 13-15 June 2018. We call for submission of oral and poster contributions from PhD-students working at Universities and Research Institutions in the field of lightweight structures, design methods and advanced materials and processes. The language of the symposium is English.

Today more than ever, economic growth, prosperity and mobility need to be balanced with the limited availability of natural resources and energy reserves. In this context, lightweight systems play a central role by the realization of sustainable products and components, minimizing material and energy consumption over the entire design life. The design space available to engineers is continuously expanded by novel material systems and fabrication technologies entering the market. At the same time, novel multi-disciplinary design tools, methods and approaches, new data and information technologies are revolutionizing products and the way they are designed and fabricated.

The purpose of this symposium is to selectively address and discuss actual topics along the entire value chain from material to design and fabrication, sharing research achievements at the leading edge of research and application and discussing and exchanging ideas on future trends.

Ultra-lightweight lattice sandwich core: M. Eichenhofer, Composite Materials and Adaptive Structures Lab, ETH Zurich The LWD-PD symposium is structured in five blocks, each one of them addressing one of the following topics:

  • Multi-Functional Lightweight Systems
  • Modular Lightweight Design
  • Engineering of Composites
  • Additive Manufacturing for Lightweight Design
  • Advanced Materials and Processes

For detailed information on registration and abstract submission visit our conference website:


Blocks are all organized in the same manner. They include a keynote presentation and as a novel approach a short talk combined with an extended poster session. Therefore, PhD-students will be asked to briefly present their own research and prepare a poster contribution. Sufficient time for specific discussions and exchanges will be allocated at the poster sessions.

Please note that outstanding scientific contributions will be proposed for publication in a thematic collection of the Design Science Journal (www.designsciencejournal.org).

Furthermore, a best research award will be granted.

Programme Committee

  • P. Ermanni, ETH Zurich, CH (Chair)
  • D. Krause, TU Hamburg, GER
  • M. Meboldt, ETH Zurich, CH (co-Chair)
  • S. Wartzack, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, GER
  • M. Zogg, Inspire AG, CH

Conference Fees

Full 450 €

Student 300 €

Full and student fees include:

  • conference documents
  • coffeebreaks and lunches
  • welcome reception
  • symposium dinner


The symposium will be held at ETH Zurich Center:

ETH Zurich
Building LEE
Leonhardstrasse 21
8092 Zurich

Patient-individualized exoskeleton component: M. Biedermann, product development group, ETH Zurich

Morphing wing: G. Molinari, Composite Materials and Adaptive Structures Lab, ETH Zurich


Martina Rizzoli
Phone: +41 44 633 63 02
Mail: rizzolim@ethz.ch

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