Special Interest Groups

About Special Interest Groups

The Design Society supports Special Interests Groups (SIGs). SIGs provide opportunities for DS members and non-members to network, share ideas, experience and knowledge, collaborate, learn and open new research topics.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) may be established with approval of the Board of Management. SlGs shall be responsible for the organisation of events and activities within a particular area of interest to further the Society‘s aim and objectives.

A SIG is managed by one or more chairperson(s) – the SIG-Leader(s) –, for each SIG an appropriate committee (steering committee) can be established in order to support the SIG Leader(s) in carrying out their tasks. The SIG Leaders must be the members of the Society.

SIGs welcome non DS members to participate in some of their activities with the intent to have them see the benefits of being a DS member and eventually joining the Society.

Special Interest Groups

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