Structuring a Product Development Organization Based on the Product Architecture and Communication

Year: 2015
Editor: Browning, T. R.; Eppinger, S. D.; Schmidt, D. M.; Lindemann, U.
Author: Luna, R. R.; Eppinger, S. D.
Series: DSM
Section: Analyzing and Managing Organizations, Teams and Individuals
Page(s): 31-39


This paper demonstrates a method to structure a complex system development organization based on both the product architecture and the technical communication exchange. This is accomplished using two DSM data sets – one documenting the component interfaces and another capturing the level of cross- functional communication. The clustering analysis utilizes a combined DSM that makes explicit any mismatches between the product and organization architectures and simultaneously clusters interactions in both dimensions.

Keywords: design structure matrix, technical communication, product architecture, organizational structure, product development, systems engineering

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