Analysis of the Tooth Root Stress in High Transverse Contact Ratio Involute Gearing

Year: 2002
Editor: Marjanovic D.
Author: Lovrin, N.; Križan, B.
Section: Technical systems
Page(s): 1073-1078


This paper deals with the analysis of the tooth root stress in high transverse contact ratio (HCR) gearing. Based on the realistic load distribution on tooth pairs in mesh, which has been determined by using an own developed method, the tooth root stresses along the path of contact have been calculated for a series of HCR-gears pairs. A comparison of the results with the values that are obtained by using the DIN 3990-Standard HCR-gears calculation, shows that the DIN-Standard procedure gives averagely significant higher values of the tooth root stresses in HCR-gearing. The presented results can be accepted as reliable because the method used has been previously verified by experiments. HCR-gearboxes designed by the use of the presented improved calculation will not be oversized.

Keywords: high transverse contact ratio, involute gearing, stress, tooth root


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