Bottom Structure For DutchEVO Car: Formulation Of The Problem And The Adjustment Of The Optimization System

Year: 2002
Editor: Marjanovic D.
Author: Ermolaeva, N. S.; Kaveline, K. G.; Spoormaker, J. L.
Section: Industrial solutions
Page(s): 627-634


The optimization problem of the DutchEVO car bottom structure was formulated with respect to the minimum mass under the constraints revealed from bending load case. The Multipoint Approximation method with Response Surface fitting and MSC.Marc FEA code was applied. The mechanistic approach was used to define the buckling constraint approximation function. The possibility to use conventional structural materials and two composites with synthetic and natural fibres was evaluated. Under the given formulation of optimization problem the bottom structure made of a wrought aluminium alloy resulted in 46% less weight than a steel structure. The other considered materials also showed a potential to be used in given structural application.

Keywords: lightweight design, optimal design, mechanistic approximation


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