Synthesis and Analysis Steps According Product Precision in Early and Later Development Stages

Year: 2002
Editor: Marjanovic D.
Author: Koch, M.; Hochmuth, R.; Meerkamm, H.
Section: Design information systems & knowledge management
Page(s): 361-366


The Precision of Technical Systems can be divided into the term Accuracy in early stages and Tolerances in later stages of design. In the early design stage, the requirements acc. the precision of positioning systems etc. have to be fulfilled by the technical system. The tolerances are then the realisation of the accuracy by form, dimensional and positional tolerances acc. DIN ISO 1101 and references acc. DIN ISO 5459 on the existing embodiment layout.
Both mentioned fields are not supported by simulations systems. Our approach is a multi-body simulation system. It contains non-ideal joints with allowed little movements in all cartesian directions, which represent the accuracy in early stages and the tolerances in later stages. The integration of this method into the design system mfk supports the designer in a suitable way.

Keywords: Product Development, Product Accuracy, Tolerances, Engineering Workbench, Computer Support


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