Year: 2017
Editor: Berg, Arild; Bohemia, Erik; Buck, Lyndon; Gulden, Tore; Kovacevic, Ahmed; Pavel, Nenad
Author: Atighi Lorestani, Elham; Khalili, Maryam
Series: E&PDE
Institution: University of Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of
Section: Design Education for the General Public
Page(s): 680-685
ISBN: 978-1-904670-84-1


By entering preschool age, children’s understanding of the world increase significantly and their interactive worlds extend excessively. This will impact not only their social connections but also their connections to the natural world. Preschool age is suitable for teaching concepts such as nurturing plants. By employing interactive game design, children can learn what are needed for a plant to grow properly. Pre-schoolers are attracted to gamified activities. Preschool is a proper environment to deploy interactive game design because it leads to formation of interactive relationships between children, teachers and the environment. In addition to forming social relationships, this design forms a learning environment in which knowledge exchange happens. A preschool located in Tehran city was chosen as a case study. Observation based method was used for collecting practical data in order to suggest an interactively gamified solutions and 56 students were observed in this environment. The collected data was used in designing a gamified concept. As the focus was on enhancing the learning process through the social gaming, the correlation between three theories, MDA framework, key characteristics of a learning game and social characteristics of player experience, was studied and a concept was suggested. The concept uses lighting dynamics to form a socially educational game. Lighting dynamics invite children to participate in the game. A paper prototype got tested with 39 preschoolers and its affordance was successful in attracting children to the learning concept.

Keywords: Lighting Dynamics, Social Game, Interaction, Preschool Children, Care Of Plants

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