Konzept zur zielgerichteten, ontologiebasierten Wiederverwendung von Pro-duktmodellen

DFX 2017: Proceedings of the 28th Symposium Design for X,4-5 October 2017, Bamburg, Germany

Year: 2017
Editor: Dieter Krause, Kristin Paetzold, Sandro Wartzack
Author: Philipp, Kestel; Thomas, Luft; Claudia, Schön; Patricia, Kügler; Thomas, Bayer; Benjamin, Schleich; Steffen, Staab; Sandro, Wartzack
Series: DfX
Institution: FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
Section: Data Mining
Page(s): 241-252
ISBN: 978-3-946094-20-3-20


The reuse of product and process models during the product development process leads to considerable savings of costs and time. Such models are available in digital form in data and knowledge bases. However, the success-ful reuse of these models also requires the removal of model elements that do not apply to the new product. These removal processes are not yet sup-ported by procedure models or IT systems. Up to now, the direct deletion of model elements by product developers leads to inconsistent and fragmentary knowledge bases or retention of unnecessary data. Thus, the aim of this con-tribution is to facilitate the reuse of product and process models by adding methods for the efficient removal of obsolete model elements to the existing IT systems.

Keywords: Product Data Management, Knowledge-based Engineering, On-tology-based knowledge representation, Intentional Forgetting

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