Design Knowledge and Impact on Simulation Induced Creativity and Empathy

DS86: Proceedings of The Fourth International Conference on Design Creativity,Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA

Year: 2016
Editor: Julie Linsey, Maria Yang, and Yukari Nagai
Author: Sujithra, Raviselvam; Karen, Sng; Kristin, Wood
ISBN: 978-1-904670-82-7


Experimental findings from non-design background participants showed that, experiencing a
simulated scenario is more effective in increasing creativity as compared to that of being briefed about
that scenario. The poster probes further on the previous study by comparing the extent of creativity
and empathy induced through both simulations and briefing. For this, participants from a design
background are grouped into two, Group 1 gets briefed about challenges encountered by people with
visual impairment while Group 2 experiences the same through a simulation workshop. Participants
from both groups are asked to share ideas before and after their respective sessions. Ideas are
further analyzed in detail to understand the difference in range of solutions shared by each group.
Such comparison not only helps understand the independent effect of briefing and simulated scenarios
in evoking creativity and empathy, but also shows how design knowledge could help individuals perceive
such techniques.

Keywords: Simulated scenarios, Creativity, Empathy, Design knowledge

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