Process-Oriented Intervention and Reflection Strategies for Creativity in Student Design Projects

Year: 2016
Editor: Julie Linsey, Maria Yang, and Yukari Nagai
Author: Raghuram Pucha, Sunni Newton, Alemdar Meltem and Tris Utschig
ISBN: 978-1-904670-82-7


Proposed Unconventional Thinking in Engineering Design (UnTiED) ideation and other ideation methods that involve a series of divergent and convergent steps are introduced in freshman engineering design projects. Process-oriented intervention strategies that are designed to teach metacognitive skills that support creativity are presented in encouraging students to think outside their usual ways of thinking. A rubric that combines both domain-specific and creativity-relevant skills is proposed and is currently being used to evaluate student projects.

Keywords: intervention strategies, unconventional ideation, creativity

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