Life cycle development - A closer look at strategies and challenges for integrated life cycle planning and upgrading of complex systems

Year: 2017
Editor: Anja Maier, Stanko Škec, Harrison Kim, Michael Kokkolaras, Josef Oehmen, Georges Fadel, Filippo Salustri, Mike Van der Loos
Author: Cudok, Anja; Huth, Tobias; Inkermann, David; Vietor, Thomas
Series: ICED
Institution: Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany
Section: Design for X, Design to X
Page(s): 209-218
ISBN: 978-1-904670-93-3
ISSN: 2220-4342


operties over the whole life cycle. Several disciplines are involved to plan, design and implement the product life cycle. This contribution states that current modelling approaches are mostly driven by one discipline and, thus, focus on certain groups of modelled properties. It is hypothesized that integrated modelling approaches, combining the interests of the parties involved, have to be developed to display the properties and their relations in one model. This paper first introduces the life cycle development framework and existing methods to support the phases of planning, design and implementation. Two needs for further research are derived and motivated, addressing certain excerpts of life cycle development: (I) an analysis of existing modelling approaches in life cycle planning, aiming at the detection of links between these approaches and developing integrated models; (II) an approach to integrate software and hardware modelling with the aim of extending a mechatronic product’s life time.

Keywords: Integrated product development, Product life cycle development, Life cycle planning, Design for X (DfX), Sustainability

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