Service design for people with disabilities using context-based activity modelling and international classification of functioning, disability and health

Year: 2017
Editor: Anja Maier, Stanko Škec, Harrison Kim, Michael Kokkolaras, Josef Oehmen, Georges Fadel, Filippo Salustri, Mike Van der Loos
Author: Lim, Myung Joon (1,2); Kim, Yong Se (1)
Series: ICED
Institution: 1: Sungkyunkwan University, Republic of (South Korea) Korea; 2: National Rehabilitation Center, Republic of (South Korea) Korea
Section: Product, Services and Systems Design
Page(s): 231-240
ISBN: 978-1-904670-91-9
ISSN: 2220-4342


The core of the service is personalization, and personalized should be preceded by an understanding the individual, and the context surrounding the individual. People with disabilities want to use products, and have more services that are just right for him/her. However, since the developer of the product or service is often not the disabled, it is difficult to give insight into the problems of individuals with disabilities. Also, there is a lack of processes and framework in the development of products and services for the disability. Therefore, this paper will propose a framework for service design for people with disability according to Context-Based Activity Modelling (CBAM), Product Service System (PSS) methodology, and International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF) framework. Then the specific process of the kneeling bus for people with disability is explained using the proposed service design framework for people with disability. We hope that this framework for service design for people with disability will become available through much research.

Keywords: Service design, People with disability, Inclusive design, Human behaviour in design, ICF

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