Application of DSM for Integrating Modern Technology into Operational Architecture of Aerial Firefighting

Year: 2016
Editor: Marly Monteiro de Carvalho, Steven D. Eppinger, Maik Maurer, Lucia Becerril
Author: S.M. Malaek, M. H. Mahrooz
Series: DSM
Institution: Sharif University of Technology, Iran
Section: DSM Application and Case Studies
Page(s): 102-110
DOI number: 10.19255/JMPM-DSM2016
ISBN: 978-85-63710-01-7


Aerial firefighting plays an integral role in containing wildfires, which have been growing rapidly in frequency and intensity over the past decades. However, the current aerial-resource management models were developed decades ago, based on the technology available then. This research aims to investigate how and what modern technologies can be integrated into aerial firefighting operation to help it keep up with the worsening situation. DSM has been used as an engineering tool to decompose the complex problem space into separate manageable segments. Using a task-based DSM, the interdependencies which give rise to unnecessary complexities are visualized, and the potential to integrate new technologies in resolving these complexities is discussed. Finally, unmanning the airtanker and “co-placing” the airtanker-pilot and the Incident-Commander is proposed as a new operational concept. The new arrangement will provide the Incident-Commander with time critical situational awareness, speed up the operation, and eliminate the risk of pilot fatality.

Keywords: Aerial firefighting, airtanker, operational architecture, modern technology, DSM

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