Situational Open Innovation
Enabling Boundary-Spanning Collaboration in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Year: 2016
Author: Guertler, Matthias Rudolf
Supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Udo Lindemann, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Albert Albers (second examiner)
Institution: Technical University of Munich, Chair of Product Development
Page(s): 325


The methodology ‘Situational Open Innovation (SOI)’ situation-specifically supports SMEs in operatively planning Open Innovation projects. As a prescriptive methodical guideline, SOI helps SMEs to navigate through the OI planning process. Based on a systematic analysis of the specific goal and situation of the OI project, relevant external and internal partners are identified. Along with partners, who operatively contribute to a solution, also partners are considered, who ensure the strategic long-term success of the OI project. In addition, SOI supports in deriving suitable collaboration methods, in order to cooperate with the selected partners within the sourrounding context of the OI project and company. To allow a better usability, SOI was implemented as software demonstrator. The evaluation of SOI in three OI projects in industry proved its applicability and benefits. In addition, general success factors and barriers of method application in companies were identified, which can support other researchers when developing new methods.

Keywords: Decision Support, Open Innovation, Product Development, Project Management, Project Planning, Stakeholder Analysis

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