Eine Untersuchung mechanisch gealterter kurzfaserverstärkter Thermoplaste unter hochdynamischen Lasten

Year: 2016
Editor: Dieter Krause, Kristin Paetzold, Sandro Wartzack
Author: Christian Witzgall, Sandro Wartzack
Series: DfX
Institution: Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Section: Leichtbau
Page(s): 135-146
ISBN: 978-3-946094-09-8


Short-fibre reinforced thermoplastics (SFRT) are increasingly being used in 21st century’s automotive construction. Besides statically loaded parts, SFRT are also used for safety-relevant components such as door modules and crash absorbers. Temperature, chemically aggressive media as well as mechanical loading lead to aging effects within the plastic, which generally, weakens the material’s mechanical properties. Thus, within the present paper, a series of tests is introduced in order to investigate the effect of mechanical aging on the material’s crashworthiness behaviour.

Keywords: composite, testing, fatigue, crashworthiness

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