The International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation

Author: Published by Taylor and Francis

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The International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation is an international publication that provides a forum for discussing the nature and potential of creativity and innovation in design from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Design creativity and innovation is truly an interdisciplinary academic research field that will interest and stimulate researchers of engineering design, industrial design, architecture, art, and similar areas. The journal aims to not only promote existing research disciplines but also pioneer a new one that lies in the intermediate area between the domains of systems engineering, information technology, computer science, social science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, psychology, philosophy, linguistics, and related fields.
The Design Society and Taylor and Francis, publishers of the International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation, have agreed for a special personal subscription price of USD 30 / GBP 18, reserved to Society members. The offer is limited to subscriptions for private use of members. The journal must be received at the member's private address and cannot be placed in a library, nor used to substitute for an existing or potential library (full) subscription. For further information upon the subscription offer please contact

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