The Creativity Gap in Chinese Knitwear Industry

Year: 2015
Author: X. Zhang1, C. Gale1, C. Eckert2
Institution: 1Birmingham City University 2Open University Birmingham Milton Keynes United Kingdom United Kingdom
Section: Business
Page(s): 173-178


As products have become more homogenous, the
Chinese knitwear market has been shrinking during the last
decade. This paper argues that this is due to a lack of design
creativity in Chinese knitwear brands. This research focuses on
the internal creativity culture in knitwear companies and the
influencing factors in design processes. In addition, it explores
the reasons why design creativity is undervalued in design
management and design education in China. The aim is to help
the Chinese knitwear industry to deal with their problems
throughout the development of their designs and images.

Keywords: design creativity; knitwear design; Chinese brands; innovative culture.

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