Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Integrated Design Engineering

Year: 2014
Editor: Andreas Meyer, Robert Schirmeyer, Sándor Vajna
Author: Ottosson, Stig
Institution: Gjøvik University College, Norway
Page(s): 001-008
ISBN: 978-2-491016-09-5


Product development can have as intention to improve existing products  which is an aim with Lean product development. Product development intensions can also be to bring new products to the market. In that case new product development is an integrated part of the development of new product based businesses. Sold and implemented new products on the market are here called Innovations. The fastest and cheapest way to develop new products to become new innovations is to start from lead user solutions, which means products developed by experts in their fields who also develop solutions for their own use but who think their solutions can be of use for others. In general, the longest way and also the most expensive way to develop new products seems to start with a  wish  and to create solutions, to develop the solutions, to test and improve them, to make user test followed by re-designs, etc. Between these two extremes of development starts there are many combinations, which the paper touches on.

Keywords: Design for X, Innovation, New Product Development, User Centered Design


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