Year: 2015
Editor: Christian Weber, Stephan Husung, Gaetano Cascini, Marco CantaMESsa, Dorian Marjanovic, Frederico Rotini
Author: Yuan, Soe-Tsyr Daphne; Hsieh, Pei-Kang
Series: ICED
Institution: National Chengchi University, Taiwan
Section: Product Modularisation, Product Architecture, Systems Engineering, Product Service Systems
Page(s): 259-270
ISBN: 978-1-904670-70-4
ISSN: 2220-4334


Developing a desirable service requires in-depth understanding of customers. However, in the past, discovering insights from customers has usually depended on designers experiences. It is hard for novice designers and designers at enterprises with G-D logic mindsets to do this well. A partial solution rests on challenging the core design practices of reframing and frame creation. However, it is rare to see how these framing design activities can be supported and analyzed by relevant tools. In this study, we present an IT-based tool with commonsense knowledge in ConceptNet to facilitate a variety of association reasoning methods in the reframing and frame creation process of service design insight discovery. We also propose the concept of insight depth to serve as a metric for measuring the influential extent of insights. This study ends up with an exploration of how the quality of the reframing and frame creation process can be improved for experienced and novice designers when supported by our tool.

Keywords: Service Design, Innovation, Design Practice, Information Management, Design Insight Depth

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