Year: 2015
Editor: Christian Weber, Stephan Husung, Marco Cantamessa, Gaetano Cascini, Dorian Marjanovic, Serena Graziosi
Author: Yao, Xiling (1,2); Moon, Seung Ki (1); Bi, Guijun (2)
Series: ICED
Institution: 1: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; 2: Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, Singapore
Section: Design for X, Design to X
Page(s): 205-214
ISBN: 978-1-904670-67-4
ISSN: 2220-4334


Additive manufacturing (AM) technologies enable new capabilities in producing innovative products with complex geometries, superior performance, and low material wastage. In this research, design for additive manufacturing (DFAM) freedoms and constraints are integrated with product platform design, aiming to help companies generate innovative platform-based product families by selecting appropriate AM design features to meet platform modules' design requirements in multiple market segments. In this paper, the concept a variable product platform is proposed to describe new characteristics of additive manufactured product platform modules. An object-oriented technique is used for representing design knowledge. A binary coding system is applied to code AM design features and platform variants' design requirements. Hierarchical agglomerative clustering is performed to create clusters that indicate appropriate AM design feature selection, and to group similar AM design features in terms of functionalities, materials, and key design parameters. The result provides a design proposal to explore AM-enabled design space at the conceptual design stage.

Keywords: Product Families, Knowledge Management, Early Design Phases, Design For Additive Manufacturing

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