Vehicle Architecture and Lifecycle Cost Analysis
In a New Age of Architectural Competition

Year: 2012
Author: Gorbea, D
Supervisor: Lindemann, Udo
Institution: Technische Universit
Page(s): 287
ISBN: 978-3-8439-0458-2


Today’s automotive market is facing a new age of architectural competition where the dominance of the internal combustion engine car is being challenged for the first time in over a century. Two key focus areas are presented in this work. The first is a thorough understanding of vehicle architecture, using a novel application of matrix based working methodologies. The second considers the importance of assessing future lifecycle costs within the early phases of product planning. This work contributes various models that analyze: (1) adoption of new vehicle architectures, (2.) vehicle architecture structure identification, and (3.) Lifecycle cost modeling of hybrid and electric car concepts. These models along with research on architectural change are intended to support developers in making early product development decisions regarding future vehicle architectures.

Keywords: Lifecycle Cost Analysis, Automotive, Product Development, Vehicle Architecture

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