Biomechanische Betrachtungen der Berechnung von Kräften mit Menschmodellen

Year: 2014
Editor: Dieter Krause, Kristin Paetzold, Sandro Wartzack
Author: Rainer Gößling, Henrik Eicker, Marcel Bartz, Beate Bender
Series: DfX
Institution: Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Section: Simulation mit digitalen Menschmodellen
Page(s): 111-120
ISBN: 978-3-941492-79-0


There are several methods to calculate muscle forces acting in the skeletal muscle system. In this article, two different methods are shown, using the
example of the abduction of the upper arm. One the one hand, a full body
model is used to determine the muscle forces by the help of inverse dynamic
calculations. On the other hand, finite element analyses, under the boundary
condition to reduce the bending stress inside the bone, lead to a different
method to calculate the muscle forces. Both methods differ in basic principles
of calculations as well as in the underlying optimization criterion for the muscle activity. Both methods are compared, which leads to the result, that the
forces are similar in both ways.

Keywords: biomechanics, digital human models

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