Sustenance of Languishing Traditional Crafts Through Design and Processes Interventions: Leather Toy Craft

Year: 2015
Editor: Amaresh Chakrabarti, Toshiharu Taura and Yukari Nagai
Author: S. K. Jha
Institution: Department of Leather Goods and Accessories Design, Footwear Design and Development Institute, Noida, India
Section: Brief Podium Papers
Page(s): 356-363
ISBN: 978-1-904670-60-5


The Leather Toy Craft is spread in the geographical areas of Indore and Ujjain
districts in Madhya Pradesh state in India. Once upon a time, this was a great source of
income for thousands of skilled and semi-skilled artisans and their family members. But, the
use of insect-edible raw-materials and lack of product-line diversification turned this craft into
the category of languishing crafts. This craft is well known for its miniature as well as for lifesize
animal and other realistic creature forms. The sculpted muscular forms, followed by
traditional leather molding techniques are the common-unique-craft-factor. After and study of
production-bottom-of-pyramid involved in manufacturing-process, the author came to know
that this craft can achieve the state-of-sustenance. Objective of this project was to establish a
pool between traditionally acquired craft skills, easy-to-accept contemporary manufacturing
process interventions- as required, design and development of product ranges according to the
standing-requirements of the target-end-user(s). One-to-one survey and sample collection
through personal interactions and exploration method was followed at grass-root level. To
develop a proposed non-insect-edible form, the production-cost enhancement was
approximately 05 INR per square feet. Later, this project was extended to check the actualfeasibility
of interventions at functional level, which was found successful. For this purpose,
initial design inspirations had been taken from the surrounding environments of Indore city
life, as well from the nature. As all of the above suggested processes were done after needstudies,
so was artisan friendly and recommended changes were accepted by them easily.
Although, initial training was required, so artisan training program was organized by author.

Keywords: Sustenance of languishing crafts, Leather Toy Craft of Indore, Design and manufacturing process, Conservation of languishing traditional crafts


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