Creative Story Design Method in Animation Production Pipeline

Year: 2015
Editor: Amaresh Chakrabarti, Toshiharu Taura and Yukari Nagai
Author: Tsai-Yun Mou
Institution: Department of Visual Communication Design, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Tainan, Taiwan
Section: Design Creativity Practice
Page(s): 124-131
ISBN: 978-1-904670-60-5


This research focuses on a new method in the development of animation story content which could shorten the creation process and arouse new ideas. By implementing digital storyboarding for direct story creation, a reversed model of animation process, this research examines the feasibility of this method and discusses its pros and cons in story development, story structure and implications for animation education. The results showed that storyboard driven method in creating animation content is workable and time saving. This method is helpful for novices in visualizing and revising their creative ideas. We found that a good story structure could still be created with storyboard driven method. Compared with the traditional production pipeline, the contributions of this method in story structure were more on the story climax, resolution, and plot. From the evaluation results although experts confirmed feasibility of this method, they still preferred traditional story design process.

Keywords: storyboard, story design, story structure, production pipeline


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