Application of Structural Domain-Spanning Criteria in an Industrial Case-Study

Year: 2014
Editor: Marle, F.; Jankovic, M.; Maurer, M.; Schmidt, D. M.; Lindemann, U.
Author: Bauer, W.; Kasperek, D.; Maisenbacher, S.; Maurer, M.
Series: DSM
Section: Managing Multiple Domains in Complex Projects
Page(s): 339-348


Structural models, such as MDM, DSM, DMM, are widely applied in engineering design to address the representation and management of complex systems. One aspect of complexity comprises the interaction between different domains. To increase the transparency between different domains of complex systems, preceding works have developed domain-spanning structural criteria. These criteria describe structural patterns, define and construe the interactions between different domains. In this paper, analogous domain-spanning structural criteria were applied to an industrial case-study. Moreover, in regards to the technicalities of the specific case-study, the applicability of such structural criteria was validated and their meaning was also interpreted. This work presented which structural criteria added value to the analysis of the considered case-system and provided a deeper understanding in the investigation of complex systems.

Keywords: Structural Criteria, MDM, Complexity Management

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