Structured Methodology for Applying Multiple Domain Matrices (MDM) to Construction Projects

DSM 14 Proceedings of the 16th International DSM conference: Risk and Change management in complex systems

Year: 2014
Editor: Marle, F.; Jankovic, M.; Maurer, M.; Schmidt, D. M.; Lindemann, U.
Author: Mujumdar, P.; Muraleedharan, P.; Maheswari, J. U.
Series: DSM
Section: Managing Multiple Domains in Complex Projects
Page(s): 299-308


The Construction industry is multidisciplinary in nature and involves a number of design disciplines/teams – architect, structural designers, civil engineers, etc. Each design team has its own perception on the project which is completely different from the other discipline. Additionally, the involvement of these teams one after the other during the design evolution enforces a situation of rapid and continuous information exchange till the design completion. MDM (Multiple Domain Matrix) is an emerging concept that meets the demands of extensive information exchanges across the design disciplines. The authors had proposed a structured methodology with minimal user inputs to develop a MDM which can capture the complete interactions of the design teams. Data was collected for laying of interceptor sewers and the initial testing proves that the methodology is generic and can be applied to construction projects with minor refinements.

Keywords: MDM, DSM, DMM, Construction Projects

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