Matrix-based decision-making for compatible systems in product planning concerning technologies for the reduction of CO2-emissions

Year: 2014
Editor: Marle, F.; Jankovic, M.; Maurer, M.; Schmidt, D. M.; Lindemann, U.
Author: Schmidt, D. M.; Schenkl, S. A.
Series: DSM
Section: DSM in Decision-Making
Page(s): 107-116


For decision making in product planning, we involve a compatibility analysis into decision making to provide compatible product concepts. Based on methods from literature, we build a matrix-based methodology. We evaluate this methodology on a case study from automotive industry: The methodology is used to select and combine technological measures for the reduction of CO2-Emissions of a vehicle model. As the implementation of those measures affect vehicle’s parameters, those measures should be selected, which are compatible to those parameters. Furthermore, the compatibility analysis is embedded into decisionmaking that more criteria are regarded for the selection of measures.

Keywords: Compatibility Analysis, Decision Making, Product Planning, CO2- emissions

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