A Knowledge-Based Approach to Optimize Simulations in the Product Development Process

Year: 2014
Editor: Edwin Koh, Victor Shim, Tan Woei Wan, Ian Gibson, Andi S. Putra
Author: Cristina Carro Saavedra, Phillip Schrieverhoff, Udo Lindemann
Institution: Technical Universtity Munich (TUM), Germany
Section: Design Methods
Page(s): 084-088
DOI number: 10.3850/978-981-09-1348-9_043
ISBN: 978-981-09-1348-9


The way of applying simulations in the product development process (PDP) presents a great potential for improvement. Nowadays relevant decisions regarding simulations in PDP are made by developers, who are not simulation experts. Furthermore, an early holistic strategic planning of the simulations in the different phases of PDP is not a common step in industry. The aforementioned shortcomings can be compensated with a systematic modeling and guided exploitation of the knowledge related to simulations. This paper presents an approach for the creation of a knowledge-based framework in this domain and the research plan, describing the necessary steps and ressources to conduct the work.

Keywords: Design Methods

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