Identification of Key Parameters for Adaptable Design

Year: 2014
Editor: Edwin Koh, Victor Shim, Tan Woei Wan, Ian Gibson, Andi S. Putra
Author: David Moya Carreras [1], Cristina Carro Saavedra [1], Phillip Schrieverhoff [1], Sebastian Haupt [2], Udo Lindemann [1]
Institution: [1] Technical Universtity Munich (TUM), Germany, [2] MAG IAS GmbH, Germany
Section: Designing Complex Systems
Page(s): 020-026
DOI number: 10.3850/978-981-09-1348-9_042
ISBN: 978-981-09-1348-9


Technical systems designed with the ability to be adaptable to changes could be longer valuable for the stakeholders and thus remain competitive in the market. The system properties that provide value if modified in the future (Key Parameters) are the ones that should be designed adaptably. In order to identify the KPs of technical systems, a methodology was developed. This paper presents a workshop carried out in cooperation with industry to apply the methodology to a real system and obtain its KPs. The results of the workshop are presented, analyzed and discussed.

Keywords: Designing Complex Systems

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