Three Examples of how DSM Enhances Engineering Design Automation

Year: 2013
Editor: Scheurmann, E.; Maurer, M.; Schmidt, D.; Lindemann, U.
Author: Johansson, J.; Elgh, F.
Series: DSM
Institution: J
Section: Application of DSM and Matrix Method
Page(s): 3-10
ISBN: 978-3-446-43803-3


Since the automation of engineering design activities through increasingly complex computer systems is a big trend among manufacturing companies the need of supporting the maintenance of such systems now quickly emerges. In this short paper, we show how DSM has been used in three different automation projects, targeting the design of engineer-to-order-products, in order to ensure that the knowledge automated by the systems is consistent and easily accessible to engineers. The DSM was used to varying extent both during the development of the systems and in runtime of the resulting design automation systems. Three levels of usage of the DSM within the design automation systems were identified: “visualization only”, “static execution sequencing”, and “dynamic execution”.

Keywords: Automated Engineering Design, Inference Engine, Knowledge Object

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