Innovation diffusion categories and innovation-related needs

Year: 2013
Editor: Udo Lindemann, Srinivasan V, Yong Se Kim, Sang Won Lee, John Clarkson, Gaetano Cascini
Author: Singh, Vishal
Series: ICED
Institution: Aalto University, Finland
Page(s): 297-306
ISBN: 978-1-904670-46-9
ISSN: 2220-4334


This paper proposes a typology of innovation-related needs to explain the innovation diffusion patterns observed in the empirical studies conducted in Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector. Three types of innovation related needs are identified. The ‘need for the innovation’ and the ‘need to innovate’ are directly related to innovation, while the ‘need for the diffusion of innovation’ is indirectly related to innovation. The three innovation-related needs are used in conjunction with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to explain the individual and organizational response to ICT innovation diffusion efforts. Congruence between Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and actor categories in innovation diffusion networks is demonstrated. Findings have implications on how diffusion of systemic innovation should be planned, designed and managed.

Keywords: Innovation, design management, requirements, needs, diffusion


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