Towards an approach to integrate technological evolution into product design

Year: 2013
Editor: Udo Lindemann, Srinivasan V, Yong Se Kim, Sang Won Lee, John Clarkson, Gaetano Cascini
Author: Chapuis, Yannick; Demoly, Frédéric; Gomes, Samuel
Series: ICED
Institution: Belfort-Montbéliard University of Technology, France
Page(s): 419-428
ISBN: 978-1-904670-44-5
ISSN: 2220-4334


The development, manufacturing and production of high value-added products, such as intelligent product, technological product and product-services, are part of the highest priority of today’s competitive industries. This challenging objective highlights technology introduction issues in the development of current complex products in large-scale companies, especially in product design and manufacturing phases. In a recent past, researchers has been inspired by biology, mathematics, artificial intelligence and so on, so as to propose new models, algorithms and approaches for advanced product design and manufacturing. In such a context, new product development still requires an external vision. An analogical reasoning with medical transplantation is addressed in the present paper in order to describe the integration/evolution of technology in product design, from conceptual to detailed stages.

Keywords: Integrated product development, New product development, Design for X, Design to X, Computer aided design


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