Transitioning product education to product service education

Year: 2013
Editor: John Lawlor, Ger Reilly, Robert Simpson, Michael Ring, Ahmed Kovacevic, Mark McGrath, William Ion, David Tormey, Erik Bohemia, Chris McMahon, Brian Parkinson
Author: Ryan, Linda; Tormey, David; Share, Perry
Series: E&PDE
Institution: IT Sligo, Ireland
Section: Best Education in Practice
Page(s): 642-647
ISBN: 978-1-904670-42-1


The defining lines between product and service are becoming increasingly blurred. The importance of services is increasing within manufacturing companies and trends are moving towards a more product service approach to business, where both are combined together to provide high customer value. This has resulted in services now accounting for a greater share of profits then manufacturing operations in many ‘manufacturing’ firms. As a result, designers must now be capable of designing integrated product and services systems (PSS). However, product-orientated design students can struggle to account for the inherent differences between goods and services, and integrate the two effectively. Therefore, a tailored approach to design education is required in order to move with industry demand and convert product-orientated design students to product-service design students. This paper discusses methodologies, tools and approaches used to convert product-orientated design students to product-service design students, providing a structure through which a successful conversion can occur.

Keywords: Product, service, product service systems


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